The Right Delivery


The business process covers the “way things are done”.  It is a structured set of activities designed to produce a specific output. Success on a large scale is all about the process!  It is equally crucial at smaller levels…  AMEON can assist you in carefully picking key processes and operational variables on which to focus and improve.  We can assist you with the designing, modeling and re-engineering of your critical business processes.  If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

There are various ways that AMEON can get involved with delivering your projects successfully:

  Consulting Services
connected21 Programme Management
diagram1 Project Management
blueprint Project Administration
men16 Project Office
chart40 Business Analysis
two220 Change Management
comments Communication
two174 Training



















  Types of Projects
computer1  Software Development
desktop13  Software Implementation
web9  System  Implementation
computers3  ICT Infrastructure



















  Milestone Based Services
soccer60 Project Planning
connected17 Project Setup
piggy10 Project Budget Establishment
wallet33 Project Budget Management