International Business Consulting – Industry Trends

international2Positive factors for the consulting industry over the mid-term:

1) Continued growth in health care expenditures and significant changes in health care coverage are creating demand for consulting projects. This includes a focus on digital health records and a dramatic need for greater efficiency and cost control.

2) Consultancies that focus on projects that clearly reduce business costs and enhance operating profits in a reasonably short period of time will find a ripe corporate market (such as consultants who focus on cash flow enhancement, supply chain efficiency and manufacturing efficiency).

3) Vast new labyrinths of government regulation in the U.S. and in the UK/EU are creating numerous opportunities for consultants who can show companies how to navigate rapidly changing relationships between government and industries, or deal with government oversight, particularly in financial services, environmental matters and health care.

4) Consultants who assist firms in lowering employee benefits costs are in high demand.

5) Consultants and advisors for corporate expansion into emerging markets, information technology and mergers and acquisitions will be in high demand.

6) Nations in the Middle East remain keen to modernize, expand key industries such as air transportation and develop new services and economic opportunities for citizens. These desires will continue to generate excellent opportunities for a wide variety of consulting companies.

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